Halloween meh :/ #tbt

She’s mine wholeheartedly. Love.

Too many questions in my ask box. I’m glad you missed me guys. Will answer the 2nd batch soon ugh sorry :( off to work!


I took off of social sites and its like forever lucky i had chance today. I love tumblr. 

Anonymous asked:
I saw your girl in our school with some other guy. What's up with u? tsk dont let a girl take u for granted. Too bad

We broke up long time ago :) You were the one who messaged me in fb before right? Thank you cos you care. 

Anonymous asked:
i was one of your fb friends but you didn't know me so even i want to say hi while you're standing outside of mang inasal im too shy. Maybe next time :)

Do i look snob? sorry Maybe i was just gettin bored waiting for my table number to be called. Whenever i vist PH i always eat in mang inasal. Next time :)

Anonymous asked:
I saw you in SM bowling in north edsa!!! That was summer! And you look scorching hot mister! You even patiently waiting to eat in mang inasal. When the crew called your table number you answered "ako po" ahahaha

Yeah i went there but i forgot when was that. I love chicken barbeque and halo halo of mang inasal it worth waiting for almost 1 hour HAHA! 

Anonymous asked:
I cant your fb anymore? :( Whyyyy?

Oh my fb. Sis deactivated it -_- Maybe someday i’ll make one again :)

Anonymous asked:
you are such a sweet guy. your girl is too lucky. you'll never ever notice me..

I think it should be me called lucky cos every guy would die for her but she choose to be with me. Let’s be friends! :)

Anonymous asked:
i like you. but you're way out of my league. you'll never like me. :/

Why thank you! Let’s be friends :)